A micro-course is standalone half-day training course, usually assembled from 1 or 2 tweaked versions of the ¼-day modules found in our ‘off the shelf’ courses, e.g.

  • Two ¼-day modules stitched together
  • One ¼-day module with an extra ¼-day of practical work

Micro-courses are designed by and for clients, who need:

  • Only one or two bits from our courses
  • To combine a couple of small bits from different courses
  • To digest and practice one bit before taking on the next

Unlike most training organisations we can sell you just the bits you need because:

  • Our existing courses are modular
  • We don't need to fill training rooms to cover our overheads
  • So we don't need everyone to take the same bit at the same time

Build Your Own Micro-course

We encourage clients — public or private — to create their own bespoke micro-courses from the hundreds of course modules shown on this site.

Sections in our course contents listings are typically ¼-day modules. So, generally speaking, all you need to do is:

  1. Select the 1 or 2 sections you want to build your ½-day around
  2. Contact us to discuss the practicality of putting the bits together

The first questions to answer about your proposed micro-course design are likely to be:

  • Does the chosen content fit together naturally?
  • Have you left enough time for practical work?
  • Is extra new content needed — to make joins or add exercises?
  • Where and when do you want to take the course?
  • Can we deliver at a price you are comfortable with?

A tiny proportion of our pre-prepared course modules are designed for delivery in ½-days or ⅛-days.

Most ½-day modules can easily be turned into a micro-course — with small tweaks to make them ‘stand alone’.

On the other hand, ⅛-day modules may require more substantial alteration to stand alone — since they are typically designed to follow or precede particular modules. This does not prevent them being used in micro-courses, it only means that more consideration needs to be given to the questions of whether:

  • They ‘naturally’ fit the other modules
  • The extra tweaking is going to be cost-effective.

Micro-Course Prices

In outline, the formula for calculating mini-course prices is quite simple — unless substantial new material is required, we’ll charge you exactly the same as we would for standard ½-day courses, i.e.

  • £750 per group, per day — for up to 8 delegates

However, the many training course discount options can complicate things a little. So, for all the gory details, see our public and private pricing pages.

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