Tiny Minimum Class Sizes

We guarantee that all public training course instances will run on the advertised date and location; providing we have at least 2 delegates.

We will consider guaranteeing some public training course instances to run as advertised, for only 1 delegate; provided that the single delegate has paid the full fee in advance and you ask us for the guarantee in writing. [1]

All private courses will run on a minimum of 1 student – even if the fee has been discounted.

Apart from the educational benefits, these tiny class sizes enable clients to solve a very common problem in commercial training, i.e. you need a specific course within a given time, but training companies can’t guarantee to run that course at that time, because:

  • Their overheads require 3-4 bookings — to break even
  • Bookings are split between training companies — each with too few delegates to run a viable course

So how can we do it?

  • Strip out ‘luxuries’ — with no material effect on training quality
  • Cut fixed costs — without resorting to low-quality trainers

2 items constitute 75%+ of fixed training costs, and we cut them by:

  1. Hiring and equipping facilities as and when we need them
  2. Paying ourselves proportionally to class size

So, if we can’t fill a class, we take a pay cut and you get the benefit of a high quality trainer at a bargain basement price.

Note 1. If you need us to confirm that a particular course instance is guaranteed to run for one or two students, please email us via the contact us links on every page of the site (as early as possible in the booking process).

As a general rule, only those public course instances with unusually high delivery costs will require more than one delegate. Unfortunately, the cost factors are simply too variable for us to publish a static list of the instances concerned. But, they typically include all JavaScript courses, any course in London or Rome, plus a few courses in Brussels, Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Frankfurt.

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